Friday, June 18, 2021

Professional Car Detailers And Paint Correction Specialists

 Professional Car Buffing

Looking for a mirror finish paint job on your car from professional car detailers ? If you are looking for professional car buffing for your car then you are obviously looking at dull car paint or car paint that is severely weathered and is in need of serious paint rejuvenation. 
This is what is know as the old cut and buff system which was rampant in the 80's from the Jurassic age. 
This is where you need to understand your faded paint restoration products between cheap car detailing and car paint correction and especially if you want to know how to repair sun damaged car paint. A million years on, the old cut and polish is now known as paint correction or car paint correction to be more precise. This is what professional car buffing comes down to, understanding how to restore damaged car paint from paint fade, scratches, holograms and general paint imperfections where even wet sanding paint will be necessary

 Dr Buff Discusses Cheap Car Detailing 

 Difference Between Cut And Polish And Car Paint Correction 

A cut and polish has always involved basically mixed compounds that basically attempt to accomplish the best possible result from just one pass. 
Anymore than this and it really isn't just a simple cut and polish. Most car detailing equipment that is designed to be cheap in delivery primarily involves two or three different compounds in one. 
Why ? Because it is cost effective with cheap car detailing and cheap car detailing packages. When somebody types into Google cheap car detailing price or cost, it's what they are looking for. The shittest, cheapest and nastiest ...." we are going to screw up your car paint " detailers around. 
You have to understand something about car polishing compounds and polishes. There is a difference between a detailing business paying 40 dollars for a 20 litre drum of polish imported from you beaut shitty cheap China as opposed to 130 dollars for a litre polish brought in from the US. There lies the difference of cheap car detailing vs professional car detailing

Paint Correction On New Or Used Cars

Ahhhhhhhhh....paint correction !! Here lies the professional car detailer vs the shit cheap car detailer with the crap car detailing products. Car paint correction can be applied to either new or used cars. Don't be fooled into believing that new car paint looks its best when you buy a new car. 
It doesn't. Even new cars have scratches from delivery. When you look at their journey of  anew car from the factory over to shores 20K away you can imagine how many times they get washed incorrectly by the time they are sold. We have had plenty of new cars with paint correction and the end result is mirror finishes on factory paintwork using the best mirror finish car polish

So What Is Paint Correction ?

The only way to make car paint shine like glass is through paint correction. 
Paint correction is the art of understanding damaged car paint, the causes, and the required methods of combinations of buffers, buffing pads and given cutting compounds and polishes to remove or buff out scratches, swirl marks holograms or other imperfections from damaged car paint and restore damaged car paint to a picture perfect mirror finish every time. 
This car buffing art ( unless taught by a professional car detailer in paint correction ) can take years to master. If you are going to undertake this level of detailing knowledge it is best you a attend a training school in paint correction rather than attempting it on customer cars by yourself and possibly damaging an expensive vehicle.It takes a paint correction master years to achieve a high knowledge of paint correction exposure so you can imagine attempting to learn this level of car detailing by yourself


How much Does It Cost To Repair Damaged Car Paint ?

How much it costs to repair damaged car paint will be relevant to the depth of the damage of your car paint. Whether it is faded car paint, deep scratches or just worn down paint, if it has gone through tour clear coat, you could potentially be looking at thousands. 
If at all, it is possible to repair your car paint because it has not gone through your clear coat, then you would be surprised what paint correction can achieve in terms of shine, depth, and total gloss with a mirror finish. 
When done, the coat is then covered with a coat of car paint protection which seals in the job completely and good car paint protection coatings go a long way in protecting car paint against the weather elements.
We hope you've enjoyed our latest post when it comes to understanding the differences between car detailing and paint correction


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Professional Car Detailers And Paint Correction Specialists

 Professional Car Buffing Looking for a mirror finish paint job on your car from professional car detailers ? If you are looking for profes...